Monday, October 17, 2011

Introducing our New Design Team Member - Jennifer Hottinger-Sloan!!

First off, we wanted to thank everyone who submitted an application for our Design Team. The response was amazing as were the submissions of layouts. This made it very hard for us to make a decision - we would have loved to take on all of them, but we could only choose one.

So, we are very excited to announce that Jennifer Hottinger-Sloan has accepted the position to join our Design Team family. Check out her bio and some examples of her fabulous work......

I am a self confessed workaholic. So you may ask when do I have time to be artistic? Well anytime I am not working cause' I am also a scrapaholic and need to be creative. One balances out the other and vice versa, if you know what I mean. I am a dual brain thinker, very analytical and logical by day, but creative and intuitive by night! I have a wonderful DH that supports my habit. I have no children of my own but have a plethora of kids in my life that my friends generously donate to my photography. I have been scrapbooking for almost 8 years and have loved it from day one. I love paper, flowers and bright colours and make layouts from simple to complex and in all sizes.

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